Ray Burley and Friends, Holland Park School, September 2014.

Next CD to be called ‘Obsesion’ almost complete. Stephen is excited to be working with great recording engineer John Taylor again. It will be a collection of old and new transcriptions for solo guitar including music by Eugene Ysaye, Erik Satie, Antonio Lauro, Manuel Ponce, Claude Debussy, Bernard Hermann and Ennio Morricone among others.




Since 2010 Stephen has been collaborating with French composer Colette Mourey who won first prize in the XX International Competition for Instrumentalists and composers  ”Music and Earth” 2012. She has written numerous compositions for the guitar. Stephen gave the premiere Landscape Of The Daylight Moon and Perpetuum Mobile were recently in Paris. Since then Colette has dedicated two new works to Stephen,  Boceto-A sketch of Segovia and a set of variations on La Folia De Espagne which will soon be premiered.